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The perks of IGCSE Online Tuition

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One of the benefits of IGCSE tuition centre is that it can be done in the mother tongue of trainees. This makes it easier for them to study and develop their confidence levels. It also prepares them for university, helping them to study independently and collaborate with others, as well as manage their time effectively. In this article, we’ll discuss the 4 benefits of IGCSE online tuition and how it can help trainees prepare for their final exams.

IGCSE curriculum offers subjects in different difficulty levels

The IGCSE offers a broad study programme covering several subject areas. Students typically complete the curriculum in three years, and it can be broken down into four to five examination sessions. Students are assessed on a range of skills through a variety of methods, including coursework, exams, and oral and practical tests. The British Council administers the exams and deals directly with the administrations of the schools. This way, the school administration is free to determine which subjects to offer, and whether a certain subject is right for that student.

Students can study in their mother language

IGCSE is a British examination that has been adapted for international student bodies. The examinations are held through the examination board chosen by the school. The most well-known exam boards are Edexcel and Cambridge Assessment International Education. This board offers 70 subjects and 30 languages, aiming to accommodate students with different linguistic backgrounds. The exam boards also offer Core and Extended curriculum papers. IGCSE Online Tuition students can study in their mother language.

Tutors are always available

With the advent of technology, IGCSE online tutoring has become more convenient and efficient. Tutors don’t need to travel to students, and students can easily balance their other responsibilities with their studies. Students already have the option of contacting tutors through Google Classroom or Zoom. These applications make online tuition easier, and students benefit from the increased tutor contact. Furthermore, the use of an online whiteboard allows tutors to be more creative.

Tutors provide real-time feedback

Whether you want to learn the IB or IGCSE from the comfort of your own home, online IGCSE tuition provides the perfect opportunity for both. IB tutors are highly experienced and qualified, while IGCSE tutors are dedicated to providing the best possible online tuition experience.

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