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How to Use a Magnet to Empty a Slot Machine

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Emptying a slot unit with a magnet is among one of the earliest and the majority of well known strategies for cheated. It’s also certainly one of the most effective to get found and suspended from a on line casino. Why accomplishes this technique keep on to be utilized by cheaters? In other words, it’s mainly because it works. Magnets can affect the signs that explain to the slot machine when to pay out, tricking the device into contemplating it’s hit the jackpot. Proceed to go through to discover more about What does bingo mean? (¿Qué significa bingo?)? .

Of course, gambling houses know about this process of being unfaithful and get used steps to avoid it. But that doesn’t signify cheaters don’t still try it. In fact, there was clearly a the latest case in which a person was captured and arrested for trying to use a magnet to empty a slot machine in Vegas. So if you’re considering cheating by using a magnet, be warned: you can land in jail.

How Magnets Operate on Slot Machines

Slot machines use sensors to find when coins or tokens happen to be put. These detectors are located in the coin hopper, which is the section of the machine where coins or tokens are saved as soon as they are inserted. The devices identify coin process and send out impulses to the microprocessor, which accounts for dealing with the pay out mechanism.

By using a magnet on the coin hopper, cheaters can disrupt these indicators and trick the equipment into believing that coins or tokens have been loaded when they haven’t. This could cause the microprocessor to trigger the payout mechanism, emptying the hopper of all its materials.

Casino Countermeasures

Most casinos currently use newer slot machines which are a lot more tough to cheat with magnets. These machines are prepared with specific anti-being unfaithful products that recognize when magnets are employed on them. If magnets are identified, the machine will automatically de-activate preventing any longer engage in. Occasionally, a security alarm will audio to notify stability that somebody is intending to cheat.


Magnets can be used to cheat on slot machines, but doing this will more than likely cause receiving found and blocked from the casino—or worse. So unless you’re prepared to consider that risk, we recommend avoiding this method of being unfaithful entirely.

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