The Waste Land Medical ATLS: How It Can Help Save Lives By Paul Drago MD

ATLS: How It Can Help Save Lives By Paul Drago MD

ATLS: How It Can Help Save Lives By Paul Drago MD post thumbnail image

The American Trauma Life Support course is an internationally recognized training program that teaches first responders how to manage trauma victims.
The ATLS course is based on the Advanced Trauma Life Support course developed by the American College of Surgeons, whose mission is to promote optimal care for surgical patiENTs by improving standards for education of surgeons, residENTs, and medical studENTs.
Who Should Get ATLS Certification
Anyone who wants to learn first aid and be able to help in an emergency should consider getting ATLS certification. Additionally, anyone who wants to be able to help someone else in an emergency should also consider getting ATLS certification.
How Does The ATLS Course Work
The ATLS course is a standardized curriculum that teaches first responders how to care for trauma victims. It’s designed to be taught in a classroom setting and can also be adapted for online learning. The course is taught by an ATLS instructor, who has been trained in the program’s principles and techniques.
How Can I Take an ATLS Course
You can take an ATLS course according to Dr. Paul Drago at a variety of locations, including hospitals and medical schools and some courses are offered in languages other than English, so you may be able to find one that fits your needs. You can also take an online version of the course if you prefer to study on your own time and at your own pace.
The American Trauma Society Created A First Aid Program
The ATLS, or Advanced Trauma Life Support, program is an internationally recognized training course for medical professionals to learn how to properly assess and treat injured patiENTs in order to prevENT further damage. ATLS certification can be used in many differENT settings: hospitals, ambulances and even your own home if you have some medical experience under your belt. If you’re interested in becoming an ATLS instructor yourself and who wouldn’t be? Paul Drago MD There are several options available including taking additional classes or earning an associate’s degree in nursing at one of many colleges across the country that offer them on campus or online through distance learning programs.

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