The Waste Land Service 4 Tips for Safely Using a Trolling Motor Battery

4 Tips for Safely Using a Trolling Motor Battery

4 Tips for Safely Using a Trolling Motor Battery post thumbnail image

A trolling motor is really a self-comprised model which includes a power motor, propeller, and handles, which is affixed to an angler’s motorboat. The Lithium Trolling Motor Battery is commonly used to launch the fishing boat slowly forward or maybe in a unique route, letting the angler to fish in regions which can be too shallow to get a boat built with a petrol generator, or even to stealthily strategy sea food.

In this particular blog post, we’ll be talking about several strategies for safely and securely employing a trolling motor battery. By following these tips, it is possible to increase the life span of the trolling motor battery and prevent any possible incidents.

Four Techniques for By using a Trolling Motor Battery Securely

1.Make your battery clean and dry.

This particular one may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worthy of talking about since it’s this kind of an essential part of battery servicing. If your battery is kept clean and dry, it is going to last longer and execute greater. To clean your battery, basically clean it down by using a wet towel. Be sure to eliminate any deterioration from your terminals at the same time.

2.Don’t overcharge your battery.

When you’re concluded making use of your trolling motor for the day, be sure to disconnect the battery from your charger once it actually reaches full charge. Overcharging your battery can shorten its life-time and cause damage to the tissues.

3.Don’t discharge your battery a lot of.

Similarly to overcharging, discharging your battery a lot of can also reduce its life-time and injury the cellular material. Avoid working your trolling motor for more than 8 hrs at a time without re-charging the battery.

4.Retailer your battery appropriately when not being utilised.

When you’re not using your trolling motor, it’s crucial that you keep the battery effectively to increase its lifespan. If at all possible, store the battery inside a cool and dried out location out from sunlight. You might also be considering disconnecting the terminals in order to avoid deterioration.


Following these basic ideas may help extend the lifestyle of the trolling motor electric batteries which will help prevent any crashes from occurring. Do you possess any other tips? Tell us from the remarks listed below!

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